BBC World Reports: Heirs Holdings $1.1bn OML 17 Deal Demonstrates Renewed Confidence in Nigerian Economy

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The investment of over $1billion by Heirs Holdings in the acquisition of the strategic OML 17 from Shell, ENI and Total, has been described by various analysts as a very positive affirmation of confidence in the robustness of the Nigerian economy.

At a time of increased pessimism globally and in Nigeria, the huge deal shines a welcome light on the opportunities that are available in Nigeria. Commentators have highlighted the credentials of Heirs Holdings as a committed indigenous business and the presence of Transcorp, Nigeria’s largest listed conglomerate, with over 300,000 shareholders in the transaction. The deal further demonstrates the ability of Tony Elumelu’s led Heirs Holdings to spearhead Africa’s economic resurgence, amidst the calamity posed by COVID-19 pandemic.

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Interview: Unpacking Heirs Holdings $1.1 billion OML -17 deal

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Lagos, Nigeria, January 18, 2021 – On Arise News, the Chief Financial Officer, TNOG Oil and Gas Limited, Sam Nwanze, shared first-hand information on Heirs Holdings recently unveiled TNOG Oil and Gas, the expectations in the industry, and the role of Heirs Holdings in furthering our commitment to developing Africa’s economy and our host communities.

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