Community Empowerment

We apply the philosophy of shared destiny with the local communities in which we operate because we understand that the community’s growth is in our best interest. At Heirs Energies, we are committed to a sustainable social investment programme which will catalyse entrepreneurship, youth development and community building.

We believe in creating development impact in our host communities, and as such, we integrate them into all our activities. We have deep local relationships with the objective of uplifting communities and investing in value chains to ensure that value creation occurs in Nigeria and beyond, creating shared social and economic wealth.

Social Investment Programs

Health & Safety

We manage all our operations, activities, and projects responsibly and are committed to positively impacting the lives of all our stakeholders. The health and safety of our employees, contractors, and local community are core to our business; therefore, we believe in continual health & safety performance improvement, which we extend to all our stakeholders to mitigate risks in the workplace.

Our Health & Safety Policy is implemented following guidelines stipulated in (ISO) 45001 HSE & (ISO)14001, International Finance Corporation Performance Standards, World Bank EHS (Environment, Health, Safety) guidelines and International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) Best Practices.

Safety Statement


Heirs Energies is dedicated to protecting our planet for future generations by reducing our environmental impact. With our Green Earth Policy, we strive to preserve the environment by promoting environmental sustainability which includes the use of biodegradable, recyclable, and renewable materials in our operations.

We are committed to eliminating routine flaring and Green House Gas (GHG) emissions by 2025 in compliance with the Nigerian Government’s Routine Flare Reduction/Elimination goal and GHG reduction initiatives. Additionally, we run operational initiatives to boost gas commercialisation and off-gas utilisation to reduce emissions.


Sustainability Report

As part of our commitment Heirs Energies support and is committed to the achievement of the SDGs, hence, has designed its sustainability framework so as to make a genuinely significant contribution to this joint effort.